Tenderloin w Horseradish Dijon Sauce

The key to cooking tenderloin is to do it slowly so it’s cooked fairly even from outside to inside. If your barbeque has a cover, that will be best. You can use your broiler, but set the pan as low as possible. The capers add some nice salt, but not everyone likes them and this recipe works fine without them.

Horseradish sauce:

1 oz prepared horseradish
2 oz dijon mustard
4 oz sour cream
1 oz fresh tarragon, finely diced
1 oz virgin olive oil


16-18 oz beef tenderloin
4 oz watercress
2 oz virgin olive oil
juice of one fresh lemon
1 oz capers
2 oz Parmesan cheese, coarsely shaved

Mix horseradish, mustard, sour cream, tarragon and olive oil.

Broil or barbeque covered tenderloin, slowly bringing it just below desired degree of cooking. (It will continue to cook after it’s removed from heat.) Slice meat thinly. Plate watercress on salad plates. Drizzle with oil and lemon juice. Add tenderloin to plates. Add horseradish sauce to meat and top with ground pepper. Sprinkle with capers and Parmesan cheese.

Serves four as a starter.

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